If you have an item that is not the same item as on the order.  For example, you have a delivery order for shower chair with back and there is none at the warehouse.  So you take a shower chair bariatric which is slightly larger instead.  In this scenario, if the customer accepts the larger chair, you will scan the item you have (bariatric chair).

You will only have 1 item to scan since the original item was not available

You will click on Submit.

Under Not Matched, it will list the item originally on the order with an N/A listed under the item (this is due to the fact no asset tag was scanned to match that item)

Under Extra you will see the item you scanned (shower chair bariatric), Here it will ask you to verify it is clean.  Since you had already verified at the warehouse, go ahead and click "verify clean"

Then the page will reload and you will still see the item under Extra.

It will now ask you to add the item to the order.  Go ahead and click on add.

It will now ask you to transfer the item. Go ahead and transfer.

Now you should have one item under Matched and 1 item under Not Matched.

Go ahead and click complete order.

Now you will see the item you scanned highlighted in Green and the item not scanned is highlighted in orange.  this means it needs your confirmation.

From the drop down, go ahead and choose substituted and save and complete the order.

In the notes put down the reason for the substitution.Remember keep it minimal and informative.